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My name is Katharine Irwin, but I am commonly known as BigKat.  I am a 20 year old Vail, CO.  
When I was younger I did not really talk so my sister, Jocelyn, did most of my talking for me.  She told my parents what I wanted to eat, to do, and basically everything else in my life.  Some how she was always right, well at least we think.  I guess all the years of not talking finally caught up to me, so I started a blot. 
Anyways, I started to ski when I was about 1.5-2 years old.  I started to race when I was about 6.  Apparently wearing spandex in freezing weather appealed to me when I was younger.  I am now questioning why this seemed fun.  I played/did two main sports, soccer and skiing.  I also did ballet, but my teacher told me to stop doing everything else so she never saw me again. 
I attended Vail Mountain School from Kindergarten- 9th grade when I was finally allowed to transfer to Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy.  When I was a sophomore my class had six kids including my self, but my graduating class grew to an entire eleven kind.  Sadly only my self and one other student from my sophomore class graduated from VSSA.  I did not attend many day of school with my race schedule, but some how managed to graduate with acceptable grades. 
I am currently going on my 4th season with the US Ski Team and am currently named to the C team and competing with the Europa Cup Speed team.  Although I have had many injuries through my short career I have managed to attain good results that continue to move me up the USST ladder.  In the Spring of 2014 I under went Hip and Ankle surgery to repair many torn ligaments that were affecting my racing.  I am on the mend and have started to ski once again!  I am looking forward to a great and health season.  

My sister, my mom, and I as a baby
My Dad and I as a child

My Sister Jocelyn...she likes to ride around in circles on bikes

J2 National Super G Podium

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