Saturday, November 1, 2014

‘Tis the time of year again…

Push Play!

This year I moved up from the Development team to the “C” Team because of my improved world ranking and race results.  One might think this would reduce my costs, but this year it was the opposite.  Now I must pay $30,000 when last year I paid $25,000.  This is due to the fact that the USST and most governing bodies lose money after an Olympic year.  Many Corporate sponsors move their money around to follow the Olympics.  As a result the USST budget was cut, leaving the athletes to fund more themselves.
Since I am not a fully funded athlete, I must raise $30,000 to cover my travel and training costs this year.  Last year I fundraised via an online crowd-funding site called RallyMe.  However, this year I am taking a slightly different approach.  Many people might ask why I would I change something that worked.  The answer is simple.  RallyMe takes 5% of the money I raise, and PayPal takes an additional 3%.  This 8% fee is not unreasonable, but it adds up over time.  This year I am fundraising though my Blog in order to save 5%.
            Some of my goals this season include breaking into the World Cup Circuit and winning a NorAm Overall title (therefore securing a world cup spot for the following season).  Finally, my biggest goal is to compete in the 2015 World Championships in my hometown of Vail/ Beaver Creek.  This final goal is huge, but I believe that it is possible with your help.

It is easy to donate: Here is how.

Click the Orange button below:
Tax Deductible Donations ($100 or more)
Please make your check out to: World Cup Dreams Foundation. Write my name in the memo. (Katharine Irwin)
You will receive a 501(c)(3) donation form from me.

Other Donations:
If you would like to donate by check: Please make check payable directly to me: Katharine Irwin

Please Mail ALL checks to:
Katharine Irwin
Po Box 456
Vail, CO 81658

Every little bit helps. Please donate, spread the word, and help me achieve my goals.

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