Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Back to Winter!

After a few days of relaxing and working out in Park City, after Mt. Hood, I hopped on another plane and headed South.  We are currently in Valle Nevado, Chile, about a week into our camp.  This camp’s focus is mostly on the speed events (Downhill and Super G), which is different from the predominately GS camp in Mt. Hood.
Valley Nevado is about 10,000 ft. above Santiago.  The drive takes two hours with about 70 switch backs.  Probably one of the worst drives for someone who gets car sick, but once up at the resort the views make it all worth it.  We live above 10,000 ft. and train around 13-14,000 ft., so to say this camp is demanding would be an understatement. 
The last time I had the long boards on my feet was March 14, 6 months ago.  I am so psyched to be going fast again!   So far the weather has not completely been on our side her in Chile.  A few weeks ago we were considering not coming down here due to the lack of snow, but then it started to snow.  This new snow made our camp possible.  We are here during the last weeks of the season, which usually makes for very good training: hard snow, clear skies, and cold weather.  However, this has not been the case this year.  It snowed on our first day of training, which made the surface soft for the next day.  We have made the best of the conditions and have skied 5 days.  Even with the non-ideal conditions we have still had awesome Super G and GS training. 
Getting back on Super G skis was awesome.  It felt like I hadn’t missed anything and jumped right back into the grove of things immediately.  We have another 10 days down here where we will be getting on to Downhill skis and get going up to some higher speeds! 

Beautiful fall colors in Park City

Julia made a friend at the Jumbo (grocery store in Chile)

Back to winter and SNOW

Just some mountains around Valle Nevado

Skiing during the sunrise every morning 

Not a bad room view!

Another day, Another amazing sunrise

Typical night hanging out and listing to music by Mark Engle

Did I mention that speed skiers love desert?

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