Thursday, August 28, 2014


The last time I had skis on my feet was March 27. And I have been looking at them all summer sitting in my garage and finally they went back where they belong, right under my feet on August 23. It had been a little under 5 months since I had been skiing and I was very excited to get back at it.
I am in Mt. Hood for about 10 days doing my return to snow, which consists of many drills and making sure that all the parts work correctly and getting my balance back on my skis. My first back on my skis was definitely very slow, but I was not nervous I felt very comfortable and like not much had changed. This was pleasantly surprising. Both my hip and ankle feel great as if nothing had happened to them.
I have just finished my first block of skiing for the camp and we have another 4 days before we head out again. I am looking forward to ripping some GS gates and getting back into the swing of full on training again.
Along with skiing (which is AWESOME) the dream team is back together and having a blast. We went huckleberry picking for hours the other day and are keeping our selves entertained off the hill here in Government Camp, OR. I don’t know if many of you know what happens in Government Camp this time of year, but I can assure you that it is not much. We are just about the only team left here. Most of the stores and what not are closed and it is much harder to find things to do than you would think. We have been very lucky with the weather. It has been bright blue clear skies every day, so we go skiing in the morning and hang out by the pool in the afternoon. Best of both worlds!
Saw Trampled by Turtles at Deer Valley, UT before Hood Camp!
They are amazing live!

Ran into some friends on the trail just before leaving Park City. 

Dream team back together again!

Smiles for skiing! (with Katie Ryan)

Mt. Hood.

Swimming in Lakes around Mt. Hood.

Just out for a rip

Snow might be a little dirty, but the skiing is still awesome. 

Ski Camp or Summer Vacation?

This picture does not do the views justice.  

Another awesome lake with a beautiful view of Mt. Hood.  

Boo Yea skiing is FUN!