Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer of Rehab

After nationals I hopped on a plane and headed back to Vail, CO to start the process of getting healthy again.  In late March I under went ankle surgery to repair some of the ligaments that were torn.  This injury was causing me serious pain and I had to tape my anklebones together all season in order to make it through the season.  This was obviously not the most ideal situation, so after talking to my coaches and my doctors we decided that this surgery was necessary.
            After this surgery I was on crutches for 4 weeks and then in the DASBOOT for an additional 2.  The day I got out of the boot I went in for hip surgery.  This surgery was to address a torn labrum in my hip.  I discovered this injury while training in the summer of 2013.  This injury was also constantly bothering me though out the season.  My coaches, doctors and I also decided that this surgery was necessary because I was already going to be laid up from the ankle surgery. 
            The hip surgery went well and they discovered that I had a much bigger tear in my labrum than they expected, so it was a very good thing I got this taken care of.  After this surgery I was done with the OR and ready to start the recovering process.  However, 3 days after my hip surgery my mom was helping making mother’s day dinner and she cut 90% of a tendon in her finger and underwent surgery the next day.  All in all out family had a very eventful 6 weeks, and needless to say we are well known at the hospital now. 
            A few weeks after hip surgery I made the move out to Park City, UT to continue my rehab and strength training at the Center of Excellence.  Thus far my rehab has been going very well.  I am currently gaining back my strength little by little, but the progress is going very well. 
            During this summer I also continued my college and am currently taking two classes through Westminster College.  At the end of this month I will officially have completed my freshman first semester! Woo!!! I am definitely on the 10-year college program right now.  I also started to work at a restaurant to make some extra cash and keep busy.  It turns out that between homework, training, rehab, and work I have kept my self very busy. 

            My goal is get back on snow during our August trip to Mt. Hood.  Currently everything is looking good for this return to snow. 
Happy Face after hip surgery

Can't sleep with the lights on so I took selfless

Still awake… no sleep tonight

Mom was jealous of me, so she wanted surgery too! 

Whoops broke the crutches I was supposed to be using

Lake Powell is awesome

Some of the crew in Lake Powell

Watching some crazy air charing 

Home. Still snowy.

Gym day grind

Making the drive to/from Park City to Vail at 4am.  

Sun sets in Utah are alright I guess.  

This is how I have been spending too much of my time lately.  

Celebrating America's birthday with Sydney!

Getting my butt kicked on the mountain bike by the sister.  

Getting some crazy treatment on my ankle called cupping.  

Park City by night.