Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's Already Over?!?

Oh wow so much has happened since I last posted on here… sorry about that, but here we go.
After my first trip over the pond to Europe I headed to Sunday River, ME for some GS and SL NorAms.  The GS races were pretty good for me I had my best GS NorAm result ever, so that was awesome.  I attempted the SL at these races, but once again slalom showed me why I do not often race the event.  I did not finish either day of slalom.  While I was out there my cousin Jessie and Aunt Dede came to visit me!  Thank you two so much for coming out to support me it really means a lot to me, and it was awesome to see you two! 
            After Sunday River we packed up the vans and headed east to Mont Saint Anne, Quebec, Canada for the last Downhill NorAms of the year and some Super G Races as well.  The Downhills did not go quite as well as I would have liked and I ended up 3rd over all in Downhill, which is one spot out of having a World Cup spot for next year in that event.  Even though it was not quite what I was still pleased with this result.  After battling back from injury a few days before the first Downhill of the year and ending up with a 3rd overall I cannot be too upset.  The Super G however was not my day.  It was the second time back at Super G from my crash in Copper, which resulted in an injury of my ankle, and I didn’t want to admit it but I was still overcoming a mental hurdle.  On the final day of racing in good ol’ Quebec fashion we were snowed and wind out.  We had almost a whole week of blue bird days, which we all knew was too good to be true.  We woke up that morning only to a call from our coaches telling us that half of the B-Net (the protection around the race that stops us from hitting trees if we fall) was broken at the base and blown in to the trees.  This is does not happen often, if at all. 
            After the Quebec series I had a few days at home before I packed up and jumped the pond again over to Slovakia for the World Junior Championships.  I know what you are all thinking, “Did she make a mistake and mean to say Slovenia,” nope Jasna, Slovakia is correct.  We drove from Germany to Slovakia and usually you cannot necessarily tell when you cross borders in the EU because most countries look fairly similar; well this is not the case with Slovakia.  Once you cross the border you see how hard communism has the country.  It is very industrial compared to most of the EU.  Big rectangular buildings that are painted colors are where most people live.  However, we were put up in a resort village along with all the other countries.  We were living in little buildings that resembled little huts with all the countries right next to each other.  There was almost a summer camp feel to the living situation, this could also be due to the warm weather we had as well…what ever it was it was a lot of fun.
            Back to the racing… during the GS we has less than ideal weather and during the race a massive and dense fog cloud was rolling in and out all the time.  I unfortunately got stuck in the fog cloud and could barely see and ended up skiing out, between the 20 girls around me only 5 finished the run due to the fog, but hey that’s ski racing for ya!  The Super G was a different story we had to start at the lower start due to dense fog up high, but I skied well and ended up 8th, which I was very happy with!  The Downhill ended up getting moved up a day due to bad weather coming in and we once again had to start at a lower start, but this did not work out as well for me.  I ended up 18th and I was not happy with this result.  I did not have any mistakes and my coaches said that I skied very well, but for some reason was slow and we still do not know why. 
After World Juniors we hopped on yet another plane and flew to NorAm Finals in Nakiska, Canada.  By this time I was extremely mentally exhausted and physically tired, but I gave it my all.  It just so happened that my all was not enough.  I did not have many if any good result, but I did finish my first (and only) SL of the year at the Calgary Olympic Park.  After finals we got right back on a plane and flew to US Nationals in Squaw Valley, California.  This was once again not my week and did not have any good finishes, and they had canceled the Super G due to lack of snow, so I only competed in the GS events.  They held the event on one of the hardest GS hills in the country if not the world.  Even the Big world cup skiers such as Mikaela Shiffrin and Ted Ligety said that it was a very challenging and long GS. 
The end of the year was not what I was hoping for but it is what it is and after nationals I flew home to get healthy.  I have undergone one ankle surgery so far and I have a hip surgery in the upcoming weeks.  I skied through injuries all year and they finally caught up to me, so I decided to take care of them while I am young so that I can be better than ever at the start of next season!  I am hoping to ski again in August!!!

Just one last note… I have been traveling around the world all year chasing the snow and to no avail, but once I come home and just want some warm weather all I get is snow… That is Colorado for you!!

My Cousin watching me race in Sunday River
Left to Right
Lila, Paula, Julia, Me, Jessie (my cousin) Katie, Foreste, Anna

First Tech NorAm Podium 
(3rd Junior GS)

It is always nice to be home 

World Juniors Team 
Left to Right 
Seth, Libby Gibison, Katie, Paula, Me, Lila, Foreste, Breezy Johnston, Alice Meryweather, Trevor Wagnor

WRJ Super G 
Alice, Me, Paula, Katie, Foreste

Top of the Downhill Venue at World Juniors

Massive tuning room at World Juniors

Just a look at the schedules we rely on every day

Super G at World Juniors (8th place)

Just out for a rip with the ladies
Nakiska is definitely beautiful 

Showing our skills in the pipe in Calagary

This is why I dislike SL

The SL venue at the COP (the far right is the ski jump too)

3rd over all NorAm Downhill

Racing the ProAm at US Nationals

Last day of the season for me….powder is not a bad way to end the season

My friends and I causing trouble 

No brown spots for closing day at Vail