Monday, February 10, 2014

Europe #1

 After the whirlwind of the Colorado NorAms I had a few weeks off for Christmas and to recharge before the long pull in the New Year.  I spent almost three weeks at home with my family, which is almost unheard of for me.  During that time I had some awesome family time and rest that was desperately needed.  However, those few weeks were over before I knew it, and once again I found my self on a plane about to jump the pond over to Germany. 
Right as I was leaving Colorado the snow started and it did not stop.  As some of you may know Europe currently does not have any snow, so I was leaving (unheard of) feet of fresh powder to go to Europe where there was no snow, barely enough to race on. 
Anyway we started off our trip training in Mira Alm, Austria for a few days.  We then packed up our back our back and headed to Innerkrems, Austria for our first race series of the trip.  In Innerkrems we had Downhill and Super G Europa Cup races.  These were my first Europa Cup races (well that I finished anyway).  The Super G did not go as well as planned, but it was my first Super G back from my crash in Copper and even if you don’t think that bothers you it does on an unconscious mental level.  I quickly put that race behind me and switched my focus to the Downhills we had next.  The first Downhill I ended up 13th, which I was pretty stoked on because it was my first Europa Cup Downhill and I was top 15.  The second Downhill was a bit more interesting.  There were extreme winds at the top of the mountain and they could not put the chairs on the lift because it was so windy.  But we were in Austria so they were going to get a race off.  The Downhill ended up being a 2 run Downhill, similar style to GS or SL.  I finished 8th in the overall in the 2 run Downhill.  I was very pleased with my results in Innerkrems and was looking forward to the next set of Europa Cup races we had. 
We had a few days off in between Innrekrems and Spital am Pyram.  We spent those days in St. Johan, Austria in a rundown hotel that the US Ski Team had taken over.  This place was awesome we had a whole hotel to our self…well some of the boys and us. 
I was looking forward to Spital because I had just come off of my best results in Innerkrems.  However, Spital did not go my way.  I never put together a clean run, which is hard to recover from on a super flat hill such as Spital.  During our last day in Spital we found the snow and it started to dump right in time for us to leave…again…

When we landed in Denver our cellular devices greeted us with the news of the naming of the US Olympic Team.  After 20+ hours of travel we had just found out that two of our Europa Cup Speed teammates were headed to Sochi!  Jackie Wiles and Julia Ford are headed over to represent the USA!  So proud of you two! 

Love being home! 
Mira Alm, Austria

Afternoon walk in Mira Alm…not much snow

Just hanging out with the girls in Innerkrems

Waiting for awards to start in Innerkrems

Driving around Europe

Awesome Church in St. Johan, Autstria

Getting lost driving around Austria

Spital, Austria….not much snow here either

Packing up the van

We flew home on a double decker plane

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