Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Copper Camp

After I came back from Park City I was at home for less than a week before I moved back in with my teammates and we started race training on snow!  You would think that after living with my teammates all summer we would be sick of each other, but it is almost the opposite with my team.  We have become each other’s second family (who we see more than real family).  Surprisingly there is little to no bickering and annoying of one another…I know it sounds impossible, but some how this group, my group has become one big happy family! 
Living and training with one another for months on end in this environment is a huge advantage.  We all push each other on the hill and off to become the best person and skier we can become.  Even some of the World Cup coaches and athletes have taken note of our “family”.  We tend to keep a positive attitude in our team, which could be a reason why our team is skiing really well!
Any way…we trained at Copper Mountain at the US Ski Team Speed Center starting November 1 through early December.  This training was an awesome.  Copper Mountain is the only place in the world where you can ski a full length Downhill starting November 1st.  Not to mention we were constantly skiing with the World Cup team, which means you need to be on your sh** to keep up. 
Towards the end of this block we had our first FIS Races of the season.  These races are considered “warm up” races.  This does not mean that they are any less serious, but rather a way to get us in to the race mind set before we have our first big races (AKA World Cup or NorAm) of the year.   These races went very well for me.  I had my best FIS Point result in GS, Super G, and Super Combined. 
A few weeks after the “warm up” races it was World Cup time! However, not for me but still exciting non the less.  This was going to be the first time that new 2015 World Championship course was going to be run in Beaver Creek, the Raptor is its name.  This course is considered to be one of the most, if not the most, technical Downhill course on the World Cup circuit.  There was a Downhill, Super G, and GS Race.  I was fortunate to enough to forerun the Super G and GS.  Now you might be asking what if this forerunning business, essentially it is sending guinea pigs down the course to make sure it is safe and acceptable for the racers. 

Next are my first NorAm races of the season! 

Chillean adventure time

Sun bathing in Chile

Chilean sun rise 

Part of my family (Julia Ford and Anna Marno)

Running in some of our Downhill skis with Julia Ford

First day of training canceled due to a foot of snow! 

Katie Ryan and I at the US Ski Team Naming at Copper Mountain

Introducing the 2013-2014 US Ski Team Women

Pushing out of the start during training in Copper

Downhill Inspection 

Skiing with the sun in Copper

My sister came to watch my first race of the year!

More team selfless

Forerunning the Beaver Creek GS Womens World Cup 
(photo Jeff Shiffrin)
Forerunning the Raptor Super G at the Beaver Creek World Cup

Europa Cup Speed Team 
AKA My second Family
(Left to Right: Jonathan Weyant, Rob Luther, Jackie Wiles, Katie Ryan, Me, Julia Ford, Abby Ghent, Anna Marno, Jeff Pickering, and Trevor Wagner)

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