Sunday, September 8, 2013

Summer Shenanigans

Late in May I had surgery to take out a calcified hematoma in my calf.  This developed from a crash I had in Jasna, SLK, in late January.  This was a minor surgery, but the description of the injury is much worse that it actually was.  I crashed in my first Europa Cup start and partially tore some of my calf muscles and had a massive hematoma.  This was not just a “big bruise,” but rather a whole bunch of blood pooled in my calf.  Due to this injury I was out for a little over a month.  My next race was World Juniors Championship in Quebec, CA, and I decided to get my calf drained of blood before I left.  They ended up taking out about 60 CC of blood out of my calf over a month after my initial injury date.  The calcified hematoma developed sometime during this time. 
This little lump was on the side of my leg and moved around, but did not affect my skiing and did not hurt.  My doctors and I decided to get the lump removed because part of my calf did not fire, even though I had not noticed, and we did not know what would happed if the lump progressed.  The surgery went great and I was walking the next day and fully back to normal about a week later.
Two days later I packed up and made the trek back to Park City for another five-month summer.  I live with Katie Ryan and Forest Peterson, two of the roommates I had last year.  This summer, however, we found an awesome little house that we also shared with two of our other teammates: Leanne Smith and Alice Mckennis.  Both of these girls are on the World Cup Speed Team and both podium in World Cups this past year.  The whole Europa Cup Speed Team lived in Park City for most of the summer, and we had great bonding time and many "family meals."  Even though we were not all living together we still saw each other all the time and some how managed to not get super bitchy with one another.  So far it has been an awesome summer in Park City getting HUGE and having fun, and I am sure the adventures will continue when we return from Chile. 
Recently I just went to Mt. Hood to ski for the first time since May.  This was not due to injury, but how our summer training was scheduled.  It was crazy being in Hood this late because there was not much snow and not many people 3around.  The weather was uncharacteristically bad weather for this time of year, but we managed to get some awesome training in. 
We head to Valley Nevado, Chile for our next adventure! 

Blood drained from my leg

My leg a week later

Broken ski from the crash

Lump in my leg 

The lump finally out of my leg


Our little house on Park Ave
One of our family dinner

Mom and Grandma came to visit me

Gym day grind

Roomies (Me, Foreste, Katie) 
We attempted CrossFit  
Mnt. Bike ride! 
Park City park Chilling
Mount Hood sunrise 
Skiing in the rain

More Mount Hood sunrises

There was not much snow left when we left Mount Hood

Team hike to a beautiful waterfall 
Flying high in Mammoth earlier this spring

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