Monday, January 7, 2013


I stared off the NorAm season this year in Aspen, CO.  There were two GS races in Aspen; I did not finish either of them.  This leaves me at 4-0 Aspen to Katharine.  I started these two races with less than a month of skiing under my belt, and even less training.  These races lead right into a speed series in Copper.  There were two Super G’s and 3 Downhill’s.  The first Super G I ended up 4th overall and 3rd for juniors.  This was a big result for me because it was my first NorAm top 10 finish and my first junior NorAm podium.  The rest of the week was successful and I continued to finish in the top 10. 
Right after Copper ended we flew to Spokane, WA. For those of you who do not know Spokane, it is the heroine capital of Washington.  After we landed we jumped in a car and drove 6 hours to Panorama, BC, Canada.  We had a 6 day race series ahead of us which would conclude almost 20 days straight of racing.  Panorama did not have enough snow to start the Super G and the GS at the normal start so we had to start much lower.  The first Super G was a good, but super tight race.  I was ended up 6th, but only .03 off the podium.  There was a 3-way tie for third place.  The next day I was a little pissed that I missed the podium by so little so I just went for it. This was also the Super Combined day so we started off of Super Combined points…and mine are terrible.  I started 43rd and won the Super G.  This was crazy it was my first NorAm podium and I had won.  Later that day I had to ski Slalom and it was my third day on Slalom skis since April, and it was evident that I had not skied SL in that long. The rest of the series was not what I wanted, but I had a long training block at home to look forward to. 
I was home for about 20 days and it was super nice and relaxing.  I got to spend a ton of time with my family and free skiing with friend and family.  I had an awesome week of training with my home club, Ski and Snowboard Club Vail.  But now I am off to Euro Land for some adventures and my first Europa Cup’s!
Training in Copper (Chelsea, Abby, Anna, Me)

Racing in Aspen

My Sister got a puppy!!! 

Smash! The new family member

Beautiful mountains in Panorama, BC

The sun finally came out

The podium gets crowded with a 3 way tie

Panorama, BC

GS Start in Panorama, BC

The attempt at Slalom

Chelsea and I

Super G win

The brutal Slalom course

More mountains in Canada

The Speed Team 
(Ernie, Kristian, Pick, Trevor, Anna, Julia, Katie, Abby, and I)
Mustache christmas