Monday, November 12, 2012

Summer 2012

I graduated from Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy on June 2nd and promptly packed up my bags and moved to Park City, UT to train at the Center of Excellence (COE).  I lived with 3 of my teammates in an apartment from June 3rd – October 20th.  This was a very event filled summer.  There were many times when I wanted to cut some of my roommates heads off, but we managed not to kill each other.
We were going to have at least three breaks from each other, where we would be off skiing somewhere where we didn't have to deal with one another or Park City, but my roommate Sydney Staples was rehabbing from a knee injury and not allowed to ski.  Slowly but surely one by one of us were injured from our training.  My roommate Katie Ryan broke her ankle bouncing on a trampoline, which was in deeded part of our training.  Apparently ski racers need to know how to do back flips in to front flips.  Her story is at least a lot better and more reasonable than mine...
During a team conditioning camp I fell off a tee box for Frisbee Golf and rolled my ankle.  Yes I know Frisbee Golf.  Well at least that is what I thought I did.  Being my stubborn self I decided I was fine and did not go to a doctor right away.  A few days later Monday rolled around and my roommates decided that I had to go see a Physical Therapist at the COE.  After an X-Ray and two doctors visits we found out that I did indeed sprained my ankle.  However, apparently I am very talented at spraining my ankle; I completely tore two ligaments on the outside of my ankle and tore two ligaments on the inside of my ankle.  I was put in to "das boot" for the next month, but hey at least Katie and I matched.
9 weeks later I attempted to put on a ski boot and simulate skiing.  This was a giant debacle.  After this attempt I was ordered to get an MRI to make sure that everything was healing at it was supposed to.  Funny thing about MRI's they tell you almost everything wrong with your body part.  I later found out that one of the two ligaments on the outside of my ankle was never going to heal and the other one had just started healing and was about10% healed.  The two on the inside of my ankle were about 40% healed; I also discovered that I tore the ligament in the front of your ankle that holds the two bones together, and I had sever bone bruising.  After 9 weeks we expected most everything to be healed, and that did not happen at all.  But at least nothing was broken!  In the words of my PT (Lindsey) "well that ligament is gone, and that one is gone, and you tore this one which is not good, and the two on the inside are torn, so basically everything is still torn."
Three more weeks, four more doctors appointments, and one stress X-Ray later I was tentatively cleared to ski.  Lindsey still does not believe me when I tell her my ankle is fine, but hey at least I can ski!

Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy class of 2012

My big sister and I at graduation 

First day at the Gym!

Quick nap time before cardio 

These are my roommates (Katie Ryan, Me, Forest Peterson, Sydney Staples)

State fair time

Typical day with snap backs

Learned to curl with some of the men's team and some snowboarders

Fatty ankle

Roommates on the 4th of July 'Murica!

Twinners! Das boot club

Finally shredding